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Desiccant Caps

Desiccant caps to keep your scope dry.

Available in 2", 1.25", SCT and various common astronomy threads, as well as for Feather Touch® focusers

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Camera Bubble Levels

These Simple Bubble Levels help orient your camera to 0 degrees rotation.

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Filter Centering Masks

Easily center your unmounted filters in ZWO or QHY filter wheels.

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Eyepiece Tray Bubble Levels

These 1.25" or 2" bubble levels attach to an available eyepiece slot on your eyepiece tray or tripod spreader bar.

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Dust Caps

Simple threaded dust caps to protect your equipment, in a variety of styles and sizes.

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Dew Controllers

2 or 4 channel dew controllers.
Different housing options.
A color of your choice!

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Cable Router for Scopes with Front Cameras

These cable routers will route your camera cables in a circular pattern to avoid diffraction spikes on stars.

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Scope Accessory Plate

Who needs a heavy, expensive metal accessory plate on top of their scope, when a simple, sturdy 3D printed plate will do?

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Secure your equipment without tools.

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Grundig G6 Radio Prop

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