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Simple Scope Accessory Plate

These simple scope accessory plates are strong enough to hold all your accessories such as dew controllers, USB hubs, mini computers, focuser controllers etc. but are much less expensive and lighter than traditional aluminum plates.   The plates do have a very tiny bow due to the filament shrinking but it's hard to notice and has no impact on performance.

Maximum size is 240mm x 200mm.  Please state your desired size and hole pattern in your shopping cart at the time of purchase.  

3D Printed Plate Warranty - LIFETIME*   If you break the plate for any reason I will replace it free of charge!


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Black 230x110x6mm
Gold 230x110x8mm
Dark Green 230x110x8mm
Holes 0, 30, 60, 90mm
Holes separated by 160mm

Custom plates ship in 2-3 days.

*I will replace the 3D printed accessory plate for as long as I have a 3D printer.  If I decide to stop selling and no longer have the printer, or my printer goes supernova, well, then I can't replace the accessory plate.
*PLA Filament
-PLA is not usually recommended for outdoor use.  The stated reasons are because PLA isn't as temperature tolerant as other filaments and because the material can absorb a small amount of moisture.  
-However, I have been using a PLA printed accessory plate similar to this for over a year with temps ranging from -22F (-30C) to +114F (+45C) in a moderately humid climate and I haven't noticed any evidence of warping or other issues.  
-Don't leave the accessory plate in direct sunlight on a very hot day for a long time, or in your car on a very hot day or some warping may occur.  After all, this is a nocturnal hobby!