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Nebulae and Cluster Gallery

Abell 33

Jewels in Orion


Sh2-114 The Flying Dragon

NGC281 The Pacman Nebula

Sharpless 2-115

Sh2-188 The Dolphin Nebula

The Iris Nebula

Sharpless 2-82


IC5070 The Pelican Nebula


M57 The Ring Nebula




C49/NGC2238 Rosette Nebula

Melotte 15

IC2169 and Friends

Barnard 35

IC59, IC63, vdB4, NGC225

Sharpless 2-91

NGC7380 The Wizard Nebula

Sharpless 2-86

NGC7023 & LBN468 Mosaic

vdB158 and LBN534

van den Bergh 7, 8, 9

van den Bergh 134

M8 The Lagoon Nebula

M16 The Eagle Nebula

IC2118 The Witch Head and Rigel


NGC1333 Widefield

IC2177 The Seagull Nebula

Sharpless 2-170

The Spaghetti Nebula (Sh2-240)

Sh2-155, Sh2-160

Sharpless 2-224

DWB111 The Propeller Nebula

Supernova Remnant CTB1

van den Bergh 136

van den Bergh 152

van den Bergh 133, Sh2-106 & LBN 219

The Eagle and the Swan (M16-M17)


van den Bergh 126


NGC6543 Cat's Eye Nebula

Abell 39

Globular Cluster M3

NGC1499 The California Nebula

Orion Mosaic

IC443 The Jellyfish Nebula

M42 & NGC1977

Sharpless 2-112

IC1848 The Soul Nebula

NGC2024/B33 The Flame and Horsehead

IC410 - IC417

NGC2264 The Cone and Foxfur Nebula

M13 The Great Hercules Cluster

Veil Nebula

NGC869-884 The Double Cluster


Sharpless 2-155 The Cave Nebula

van den Bergh 15

Cygnus Widefield

NGC6888 The Crescent Nebula

Sharpless 2-126

Cederblad 214, NGC7822, Sh2-170

IC1396 The Elephant Trunk Nebula

vdB141 The Ghost Nebula

NGC7023 The Iris Nebula

C49 The Rosette Nebula

M45 The Pleiades

NGC1931 & IC417 The Spider and the Fly

IC1396A The Elphant Trunk

Orion Widefield

Sharpless 2-132

Sharpless 2-140

NGC6992 The Eastern Veil Nebula

Sharpless 2-150

Gamma Cassiopeia IC59/63

Jones Emberson 1


Sharpless 2-101 The Tulip Nebula

Barnard 343

Sharpless 2-274 The Medusa Nebula

NGC7380 The Wizard Nebula

NGC7293 The Helix Nebula

NGC7000 The North American Nebula

IC5070 The Pelican Nebula

NGC7000-IC5070 Mosaic

M1 The Crab Nebula

IC1805 The Heart Nebula

Rho Ophiucus Widefield

M20 The Trifid Nebula

M27 The Dumbell Nebula


Sharpless 2-134