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This image of vdB123 was taken from my remote observatory in Texas (Bortle scale 1) with an AGO 12.5" iDK.  At the same time, I also captured this object using a 160mm refractor from my home observatory.  See the image below to compare.
vdB123 is the blue reflection nebula in the center of the image.   The whole area is heavily obscured by intervening dust, giving many of the stars an artificial red hue.

Acquisition Details

LUM = 48x10min               
RGB = 34x10min each
Total = 25hrs

vdB123 captured from home observatory.  Bortle scale 5.  

Acquisition Details

LUM = 44x10min               
RGB = 32x10min each
Total = 23hrs 20min


CFF250RC/G3-16200M SV80ST/ASI183MM-C Optolong Lum
Astrodon RGB
Astro-Physics 1100GTO

CFF250RC/G3-16200 L=64x10min

SV80ST/QHY163M R=76x5min G=73x5min B=80x5min
Total = 29hrs 45min

This is a 2 panel mosaic image of the area around vdB123 in the constellation Serpens. vdB123 is the blue reflection nebula toward the lower left.