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The Lion

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Sh2-132 is a faint emission nebula in Cepheus.  In case you have trouble seeing "the lion", the tail is the redish spike on the right and the mane is the brighter orange/yellow area top center.  This lion has a gigantic mouth!

Acquisition Details

OIII = 42x10min
SII = 41x10min

Hα = 48x10min
OSC = 50x5min

Total = 26hrs


APM/TMB115 @ f/5.4 Riccardi .75x Reducer  Atik 383L+ Mono Camera Atik EFW2/OAG  Astrodon Ha,OIII,SII filters Losmandy G11-Gemini 2

A false color image made from Sodium II, Hydrogen Alpha, and Oxygen III filters (SII, Ha, OIII) SII=17x20min (red) Ha=15x20min (green) OIII=17x20min (blue) Total exposure = 16hrs 20min