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van den Bergh 154 is the blue reflection nebula near the center of the image. The reddish nebula below is part of Sharpless 2-150, as seen more fully in the older image below.  While these two appear to be connected, the distance to vdB154 is not know and so they could be completely unrelated despite appearing together from our line of sight.

Acquisition Details

LUM = 44x10min
RGB = 38x10min each
Total = 26hrs 20min

Scopes:  CFF135, RASA8
Cameras:  ZWO ASI6200MM-Pro, ZWO ASI2600MC
Filters:  Chroma LUM
Mount:  AP1100GTO
Location:  Home, Bortle Scale 5


LUM = 68x10min
OSC = 327x2min
Total = 22hrs 14min