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Simple Desiccant Caps

These simple Desiccant Caps will keep your scope dry while stored.  

Available in 2" or 1.25" versions in a color of your choice.

Comes with 5g rechargable desiccant packs (4 w/ the 2" version) (2 w/ the 1.25" version) that can easily be recharged in the microwave or oven.  

3D Printed Desiccant Cap  Warranty - LIFETIME*   If you break the cap for any reason I will replace it free of charge!


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Package Includes

Desiccant Cap
Vinyl Cover
Desiccant Packets

Stock Status:
2" - 1 available now
1.25" - 2 available now

*I will replace the 3D printed desiccant cap for as long as I have a 3D printer.  If I decide to stop selling and no longer have the printer, or my printer goes supernova, well, then I can't replace the cap. 
*PLA Filament -PLA is not usually recommended for outdoor use.  The stated reasons are because PLA isn't as temperature tolerant as other filaments and because the material can absorb a small amount of moisture.  
-However, I have been using a PLA printed enclosure for both a dew heater and Arduino Uno enclosure for over a year with temps ranging from -22F (-30C) to +114F (+45C) in a moderately humid environment and I haven't noticed any evidence of warping or other issues. 
-Don't leave the dew controller in direct sunlight on a very hot day for a long time, or in your car on a very hot day or some warping may occur.  After all, this is a nocturnal hobby!