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Simple Dust Caps

These simple Dust Caps are just what they sound like and come in threaded or clamp down versions.

NEW!  Now available in SCT (2"m/f) and 2.156"m/f format.  The 2.156" format fits certain cameras like the SBIG STL11000 and QSI WSG cameras.  

The threaded dust caps come in a variety of common sizes in both male and female configurations (M42x0.75 or T2, M48x0.75, M54x0.75, M63x1, M68x1, M72x1).  While these caps thread on nicely, more care must be taken to avoid cross-threading the threads when mating with metal parts. 

The QHY CFW3 has a dovetail stage instead of threads.  If you remove the camera from the filter wheel the filters and interior of the filter wheel are exposed.  I designed dust caps that clamp into either of the QHY dovetail stages using the existing screws.  
Dust-QHYFW50 for QHY163 or similar cameras.
Dust-QHYFW77 for QHY600 or similar cameras.


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