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QHY Q-Focuser Mounting Solutions for SCTs

These brackets allows you to mount a QHY Q-Focuser  onto your SCT telescope.

Either the Q-Focuser Standard version or High Precision version can be used with most of these mounting brackets, unless otherwise noted.  Installation instructions are provided below and include directions for both versions.  All necessary hardware is provided.  

Disclaimer: This is a brand new product that has not been fully tested and should be considered "beta" hardware, however the designs are based on proven designs. If you have any issues I will replace the bracket after making any needed modifications.
Brackets with a "+" beside them have been fully tested.

See pictures for illustrations of "modern" vs "classic" Celestron focuser mounting brackets.

SCT bracket note:  As the focuser moves there is an internal screw that also travels in and out.  The Q-Focuser bracket is designed to allow for some of this travel around the focus point, but does not allow for the full outward focuser travel.  Prior to installing the bracket make sure the scope is roughly in focus.

If you don't see a bracket that meets your needs I would be glad to work with you to come up with a solution.

Color Note:  The coupler will be black due to the special filament used for the coupler.  The bracket can be black, red or silver.  


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Celestron and Meade SCT Brackets :

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Installation Instructions:

All Celestron SCT Q-Focuser Instructions: download

Q-Focuser-MLXGPS, Q-Focuser-MLXACF, Q-Focuser-MLXClassic: download

Q-Focuser-MLX850: download

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.