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Scope Accessory Plate

These simple scope accessory plates are strong enough to hold all your accessories such as dew controllers, USB hubs, mini computers, focuser controllers etc. but are much less expensive and lighter than traditional aluminum plates.   I recommend Scotch "Extremely Strong" Fasteners to hold your components on the plate.              

Currently I have 4 options, and can design a custom plate to fit your needs.
Plate-SVCFF fits Stellarvue and CFF ring hole patterns.
Plate-WOCFF fits William Optics and CFF ring hole patterns. 
Plate-CFF fits a CFF dovetail plate and ring hole patterns. 
Plate-SVX80 fits the Stellarvue SVX080T Premier with fixed rings

Maximum size is 240mm x 200mm.  Please state your desired size and hole pattern in your shopping cart at the time of purchase. 

Note:  due to the nature of 3D printing it is difficult to make large, flat plates that are perfectly flat.  As the plastic cools it shrinks slightly, so there is often a very slight bow in the plate.  This is normal and many times this bow is flattened when bolted onto scope rings.                                  

Add knobs to secure your plate to the scope rings.
Knob-1/4 = 1/4-20 bolts
Knob-M6 = M6x1 bolts               


Priority shipping available also. International shipping calculated at checkout. Please see the shipping tab for more info.

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.


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 2 Knobs $2  (with Plate purchase)

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