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GSO Ritchey–Chrétien (RC) Baffle Extensions

It has been documented that the GSO Ritchey–Chrétien telescopes (and associated brands - Orion, iOptron, Astro-Tech, Apertura, TPO and others) suffer from aberrant light directly reaching the camera sensor, causing reflections and the inability to take sufficient flat frames.  These baffle extensions eliminate this problem.

For more information, please see this Youtube video.  

This is version 2 of the baffle extensions.  Version 2 is printed in a carbon fiber PETG filament that is both stronger and less brittle than version 1, and has a more matte finish. The printed color is a charcoal gray that is a little darker than the baffle tube.  

GSO6RC-Baffle-EXT - $25
GSO 6" RC Baffle Extension
GSO8RC-Baffle-EXT - $27
GSO 8" RC Baffle Extension
GSO10RC-Baffle-EXT - $29
*See note
GSO 10" RC Baffle Extension
GSO12RC-Baffle-EXT - $31
GSO 12" RC Baffle Extension
GSO14RC-Baffle-EXT - $39
GSO 14" RC Baffle Extension
GSO16RC-Baffle-EXT - $37
GSO 16" RC Baffle Extension

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These baffle extensions are intended for GSO RC scopes made prior to the middle of 2020.  If your telescope baffle has a tapered end, then your telescope may not need this extension.  This is under investigation.


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*10" RC extension - Some users (but not all) have reported that the 10" extension will not fit through the front of the closed tube version of the telescope.  In such cases the primary mirror cell will need to be removed to access the baffle. Alternately, the secondary can be removed from the front, giving access to the baffle.

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant carbon fiber PETG filament.