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Cable Router for Scopes with Front Mounted Cameras

Certain telescopes, like the Celestron RASA, place a camera on the front of the telescope.  The camera cables will create diffraction spikes if placed in a straight line.

This Cable Router positions the cables in a circular pattern and will eliminate diffraction spikes in your images.

Currently this is available for the Celestron RASA 8 in two configurations:
RASA8-78mmCam - ~78mm dia. camera body (ASI1600, QHY163, etc.)
RASA8-90mmCam - ~90mm dia. camera body (ASI2600, QHY268, ect.)

 If you have another scope or camera and would like a cable router, I am happy to work with you to design a Cable Router that meets your needs. 


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Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.