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The Squid

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CFF135/G3-16200M SV80ST/QHY163M Chroma RGB
Astrodon RGB/Ha/OIII
Astro-Physics 1100GTO

RGB = 10x10min each
Ha = 13x20min
OIII = 32x30min
RGB = 7x10min each
Ha = 18x15min
OIII = 39x15min + 32x10min
Total = 48hrs 25min

OU4 (The Squid nebula, blue center) is a very large bi-polar nebula that spans the length of 2.5 full moons.  The extremely faint nebula is glowing oxygen-3 gas.  This image has 31 HOURS of OIII exposures in order to bring out the nebula.