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The Bubble Nebula

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The Bubble Nebula is one of the most often imaged deep sky objects, yet I have found it one of the more difficult to process. This is a tri-color narrowband image using the Hubble Palette.

Acquisition Details

SII (red) = 33x5min
Hα (green) = 26x5min
OIII (blue) = 36x5min
Total = 7hrs 55min

Scopes:  CFF135 f6.7 and CFF105 f6
Cameras:  ZWO ASI6200MM-Pro and ASI2600MC-Pro
Filters:  Astrodon 5nm OIII/SII, Chroma 8nm Hα 
Mount:  Astro-Physics 1100GTO


This semi-widefield of the Bubble nebula area includes the open star cluster M52 upper left and active star forming region NGC7538 upper right.  NGC7538 includes the largest known protostar, estimated to be 300 times larger than our solar system.

Acquisition Details

Ha = 42x10min
(OSC cam with Ha filter)
OIII = 41x10min
SII = 41x10min
Total = 20hrs 50min