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NGC2024 & B33 The Flame and Horsehead

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SV80ST Refractor at f/4.5 Riccardi 0.75x Reducer Starlight Trius SX694 
Atik EFW2/OAG 
Astrodon RGB/Ha Filters Losmandy G11 Gemini 2

2 panel mosaic image RGB=12x15min each Ha=9x20min 

Total = 12hrs each panel


First light with QHY8 & Losmandy G11
Orion EON 80 


Captured with Nebulosity Flat field applied and Demosaic+square pixels in Nebulosity 

Photoshop: curves and levels adjustments, reduce noise filter, smart sharpen filter, converted to lab color to increase red and blue saturation 

Carboni Actions: Make Stars Smaller