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The Methuselah Nebula

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Astronomy Magazine

Chosen for Astronomy Magazine Reader Gallery June 2020

CFF135/G3-16200M SV80ST/QHY163M Chroma RGB
Astrodon RGB/Ha/OIII
Astro-Physics 1100GTO

RGB = 16x10min each
Ha = 33x20min
OIII = 35x30min
RGB = 10x10min each
Ha = 61x10min
OIII = 84x10min
Total = 65hrs 40min

MWP1, the Methuselah nebula, is an ancient planetary nebula surrounded by faint Ha and OIII nebulosity.  Another small, faint planetary nebula can be see to the upper left of MWP1, called ALV1 (Alves 1) which was only discovered 10 years ago by amateur Felipe Alves.