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The Orion Nebula

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SV80ST @ f/4.5
Riccardi .75x Reducer
Losmandy G11 Gemini 2
Atik EFW2 & OAG
Astrodon Ha/RGB Filters

This is 2 panels of a planned 8 panel mosaic spanning the Horsehead Nebula to th Orion Nebula.
12x15min each HaRGB
12x1min, 12x30s Ha
Total = 12hrs 18min

Orion EON 80mm, QHY8, G11 Guided by SSAG AT8RC PHD Guiding, AT Field Flattener

5x10min + 12x10sec Captured with Nebulosity Debayered, Flat Field applied, Registered and Sigma Combined in Nebulosity Photoshop: Levels/Curves, Reduce Noise Filter, High Pass Filter, Smartsharpen Filter, Shadows/Highlights adjustment, star color Saturation boost Carboni Actions: Make Stars Smaller, Increase Star Color