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Trifid Nebula

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CFF135/G3-16200M Optolong LRGB
Astro-Physics 1100GTO

Lum = 13x10min
RGB = 4x10min       

Total = 4hrs 10min             

This is an image I have been wanting to get for a long time.  It's difficult to capture from my home for a variety of reasons.  So spending a night near Natural Bridges National Monument, at some of the darkest skies in the USA, was the perfect opportunity to capture the Trifid.  The skies are so dark that even with only 4 hours of data the image is relatively noise free.


Orion Eon 80ED and DSI Pro II; Guided with LX200GPS, DSI Pro II, PHD Guiding

LRGB (L=28x4min, RGB=10x4min), IDAS LP filter LRGB masters aligned, resampled, DDP in AIP4Win Photoshop: Levels and Curves adjustments, reduce noise filter, smartsharpen filter, shadows/highlights filter Carboni Actions: make stars smaller