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The Pelican Nebula

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CFF250RC/G3-16200M SV80ST/QHY163M
SVA130T/QHY163M Astro-Physics 1100GTO

This image of the Pelican Nebula is a combination of data taken with three scopes and two cameras, totaling 28hrs 26min of  combined LRGB data.  


Atik 383L+ 
Atik EFW2/OAG Ha,OIII,SII filters Losmandy G11

Modified Hubble palette narrowband image (SII/Ha/OIII) SII=26x20min Ha=12x20min OIII=12x20min Total=16hrs 40min Captured with Nebulosity, channels registered, calibrated and combined with DeepSkyStacker Final processing in Photoshop: levels/curves, smartsharpen filter, high pass filter, selective color adjustments, reduce noise filter Carboni Actions: Make Stars Smaller The glow in the upper right corner is light from a nearby bright star