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Cygnus Widefield

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135mm SLR Lens at f/5.6 SBIG STF-8300M 
Atik EFW2 Filter Wheel Astrodon Ha,OIII,SII filters Losmandy G11-Gemini 2

SII=12x20min (R) Ha=12x20min (G) OIII=8x30min (B) 
Total Exposure = 12hrs Objects in this field: WR134 (center blue object) 
NGC6888-Crescent Nebula (upper left)
Sharpless 2-101-Tulip Nebula (lower right)
Imaged with a widefield 135mm SLR lens setup. I recently added a focus motor and belt for autofocus and I am very pleased with how well it worked.