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NGC5907, also known as the Splinter galaxy or Knife Edge galaxy, lies 50 million light years away and is seen largely on edge from our perspective.  In 2006 a wrap around tidal stream was discovered, and I managed to catch a hint of the tidal stream, seen left of the galaxy.

Acquisition Details

LUM = 45x10min
RGB = 33x10min each
Total = 24hrs 


APM115, G11 guided with OAG/Lodestar/PHD

LRGB image (L=3hrs, RGB=1hr each in 10min subs)  Total Exposure=6hrs  Images calibrated, registered and stacked in CCDStack (trial), final processing in Photoshop CS3 Photoshop: levels/curves, smartsharpen filter, reducer noise filter, Gradient Xterminator