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M51The Whirlpool Galaxy

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CFF250RC/G3-16200M SV80ST/QHY163M Optolong LRGB
Astrodon RGB 
Astro-Physics 1100GTO

L=53x10min + 20x1min 
B=7x10min + 104x3min 
G=7x10min + 104x3min 
R=5x10min + 93x3min 
Total =34hrs 43min 


APM/TMB115  @ f/5.4 Riccardi .75x Reducer  Atik 383L+ Mono Camera Atik EFW2 Filter Wheel Atik OAG  Astrodon LRGB/Ha filters Losmandy G11-Gemini 2

L=165min  B=130min  G=90min  R=105min  Ha=240min  Total =12hrs 10min



AT8RC, QHY8, Losmandy G11 guided with Orion SSAG/Orion EON  

6.5 hours (8 & 10min subs) + 2.5 hours Ha (20min subs) 

  Lights, Flats and Bias calibrated and stacked in DeepSkyStacker 

Photoshop: Levels/curves adjustments, smartsharpen filter, reduce noise filter, high pass filter, shadows/highlights filter, GradientXTerminator, increase color saturation Carboni Actions: Increase Star Color