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ZWO EAF Mounting Solutions for Aftermarket Focusers

EAF Mount for Helical focusers

These brackets allows you to mount a ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF)  onto Feathertouch, GSO, ZWO, QHY and Baader aftermarket  focusers.

The ZWO supplied M4 screws are used to attach the EAF to the bracket.  Where necessary a coupler is provided to connect the EAF pinion shaft to the focuser pinion shaft and is held securely with M3 set screws.  Note that the user will need to have a 1.5mm hex key for the M3 set screws (not provided).  

If you don't see a bracket that meets your needs I would be glad to work with you to come up with a solution.

Color Note:  The coupler will be black due to the special filament used for the coupler.  The bracket can be black, red or silver.  


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Feather Touch Focuser Brackets :

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GSO Linear Bearing and Crayford Focusers :

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Other Focuser Brackets:

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Installation Instructions:

EAF-FTM-SCT, EAF-FTM-Retro: download

EAF-FTF30, EAF-FTF35: download

EAF-GSO-2LBF: download

EAF-GSO-3.25LBF: download

EAF-GSO-2CRF-M: download

EAF-ZWO-Helical-M42, EAF-ZWOOAG-Helical, EAF-QHYOAG-Helical, EAF-AskarOAG-Helical: download

EAF-BSteelTrack: download

EAF-WO-WIFD: download

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.