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QHY Filter Wheel Dust Caps

The QHY fiter wheels have a dovetail stage instead of threads. If you remove the camera from the filter wheel the filters and interior of the filter wheel are exposed. I designed dust caps that clamp into either of the QHY dovetail stages using the existing screws. 

Dust-QHYFW50 fits the QHYCFW3-S, QHYCFW3-M, QHYCFW3-L, QHYCFW2-S and QHYCFW2-M filter wheel 50.8mm stage.
Dust-QHYFW77 fits the QHYCFW3-XL fitler wheel 77mm stage.


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QHY Filter Wheel Dust Caps
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*Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.