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Filter Centering Masks for Filter Wheels

Now being used in the Condor Array Telescope in Chile, a project by Stony Brook University and funded by the National Science Foundation!

These Filter Centering Masks will make it easy to center your filters in a filter wheel, and will block any potential light leak due to the filters being off-center in the filter disk seat.   Simply place your filter in the filter wheel disk, place the Filter Centering Mask over the filter and fasten with screws.   Sold in sets of 7 or 8 depending on the filter mask size.

Filter Masks for ZWO wheels  work with any filter brand with the appropriate diameter.

Filter Masks for QHY wheels vary depending on the filter thickness (2mm, 3mm or 5mm).

All filter brands, 3mm thick filters

All filter brands, 2mm thick filters

Filter Masks for Atik wheels - The Atik supplied O-rings must be used for 2mm thick filters.

Filter Masks for QSI wheels

ZWO Filter Wheel Masks:
QHY Filter Wheel Masks:
Atik Filter Masks:
QSI Filter Masks: