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Filter Centering Masks for ZWO and QHY Filter Wheels

These Filter Centering Masks will make it easy to center your Chroma, Astrodon or Astronomik filters in a ZWO or QHY filter wheel, and will block any potential light leak due to the filters being off-center in the filter disk seat.  

Simply place your filter in the seat, place the Filter Centering Mask over the filter and fasten with screws.     

Currently available for Astrodon, Chroma and Astronomik 50mm and 36mm round unmounted filters.

The ZWO 50mm masks are known to fit the 5x50mm or 7x50mm filter wheels.
The QHY 50mm masks are known to fit the QHY CFW3 "SR" filter wheels. The "Ultra Slim" filter wheels have not been tested but the filter masks should still fit.  


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ZWO Filter Masks
QHY Filter Masks

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Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.