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Dust Caps

Available in the following configurations:
* Common Threads (astronomy):  1.25" (M28.5x0.6), M42x0.75, M48x075, M54x0.75, M63x1, M68x1, ETC. male and female. 
* Focusers
     -Feather Touch® focuser Dust Caps: FTF25, FTF30, FTF32, FTF35
     -Moonlite NiteCrawler WR30 dust caps 
     -Moonlite NiteCrawler WR35 dust caps
     -Primaluce ESATTO dust caps (M56x1-M, M56x1-F)
* SCT Dust Caps, male and female:
     -3.25"-16tpi (Meade)
     -3.28"-16tpi (Celestron)
* QHY Filter wheel Dust Caps:
     - Dust-QHYFW50 - fits the QHYCFW3-S, QHYCFW3-M, QHYCFW2-S, QHYCFW2-M,                 and some QHYCFW3-L filter wheels with 50.8mm stage.
     - Dust-QHYFW77 - fits the QHYCFW3-XL and some QHYCFW3-L fitler wheels with                       77mm stage.                     
* Pentax Eyepiece Dust Caps
     -Pentax XW caps
* Astro-Physics Dust Caps
     -Astro-Physics 2.7"-24tpi, male and female
     -Astro-Physics 3.27"-16tpi, male
     -Astro-physics 2.5" Doveloc dust cap
     -Astro-Physics 3.5" Doveloc dust cap
* Miscellaneous Dust Caps:
     -Dust-Seestar - Dust cap for the Seestar front aperture, *see Seestar product page
     -Takahashi (M56x0.75-F)
     -Takahashi (M56x0.75-M)
     -Primaluce Esatto Focuser (M65x1-F)
     -Primaluce Esatto Focuser (M81x1-M)
     -GSO 6" and 8" RC rear plate dust cap (M90x1 female)
     -GSO 10" and 12" RC rear plate dust cap (M117x1 female)
     -Celestron OAG dust cap (Dust-C-OAG)
     -Celestron OAG Adapter dust cap (Dust-C-OAG-Adapter)
          Note: requires user supplied M3 knob or screw
* Optec/Baader Dovetail Dust Caps
     -Optec 3000-S, male and female
     -Optec 4300, male and female
          Note: Optec female caps require user supplied M3 knob or screw
     -Baader M68 Dovetail System - male cap for round opening
If you don't see the size you need, please contact me and I'll be happy to design something to fit your needs.

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Miscellaneous Dust Caps
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*Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.