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Dust Caps

Available in the following configurations:
* Common Threads (astronomy):  1.25" (M28.5x0.6), M42x0.75, M48x075, M54x0.75, M63x1, M68x1, ETC. male and female. 
* Focusers
     -Feather Touch® focuser Dust Caps: FTF25, FTF30, FTF32, FTF35
     -Moonlite NiteCrawler WR30 dust caps 
     -Moonlite NiteCrawler WR35 dust caps
     -Primaluce ESATTO dust caps (M56x1-M, M56x1-F)
* SCT Dust Caps, male and female:
     -3.25"-16tpi (Meade)
     -3.28"-16tpi (Celestron)
* QHY Filter wheel Dust Caps:
     - Dust-QHYFW50 - fits the QHYCFW3-S, QHYCFW3-M, QHYCFW2-S, QHYCFW2-M,                 and some QHYCFW3-L filter wheels with 50.8mm stage.
     - Dust-QHYFW77 - fits the QHYCFW3-XL and some QHYCFW3-L fitler wheels with                       77mm stage.                     
* Pentax Eyepiece Dust Caps
     -Pentax XW caps
* Astro-Physics Dust Caps
     -Astro-Physics 2.7"-24tpi, male and female
     -Astro-Physics 3.27"-16tpi, male
     -Astro-physics 2.5" Doveloc dust cap
     -Astro-Physics 3.5" Doveloc dust cap
* Miscellaneous Dust Caps:
     -Takahashi (M56x0.75-F)
     -Takahashi (M56x0.75-M)
     -Primaluce Esatto Focuser (M65x1-M)
     -Primaluce Esatto Focuser (M81x1-M)
     -GSO 6" and 8" RC rear plate dust cap (M90x1 female)
     -GSO 10" and 12" RC rear plate dust cap (M117x1 female)
     -Celestron OAG dust cap (Dust-C-OAG)
     -Celestron OAG Adapter dust cap (Dust-C-OAG-Adapter)
          Note: requires user supplied M3 knob or screw
* Optec Dovetail Dust Caps
     -Optec 3000-S, male and female
     -Optec 4300, male and female
          Note: Optec female caps require user supplied M3 knob or screw
If you don't see the size you need, please contact me and I'll be happy to design something to fit your needs.

Common Threads - Male
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Focuser Dust Caps
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QHY Filter Wheel Dust Caps
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SCT Dust Caps
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Pentax Eyepiece Dust Caps
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Astro-Physics Dust Caps
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Optec Dovetail Dust Caps
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Miscellaneous Dust Caps
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*Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.