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Duncan Mask for SCT Collimation

A Duncan Mask can be used to easily and quickly collimate your SCT. Instructions are provided below.   
The mask comes in three sections that "snap-fit" together and can be taken apart for easier storage (C5 is one piece, 14" and larger are 6 sections).
Feel free to contact me if you do not see your scope listed.


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5" - 8" Scopes:
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9.25" - 11" Scopes:
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12" - 16" Scopes:
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Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.

**International shipping options:  
1.  USPS First Class (2-12 weeks).  NOT GUARANTEED.  For lost or damaged packages I will replace or refund the items, but NOT the shipping cost. 

2.  UPS Expedited (1-2 weeks).  

Instructions for use:

1.  Make sure your scope has cooled to ambient temperature.
2.  Point the scope at a bright star that is high in elevation.
3.  Place the mask on the scope.  Orient the mask such that the three snap fit connection lines point to the 3 collimation screws on the Secondary as shown in the scope image to the left.

4. A camera works best, but you can also use a high magnification eyepiece.  Grossly defocus the star. You should see three arcs that correspond to the three cutouts.

5.  As you bring the star closer to focus the curves will change into lines pointing to a common center.  

6.  Use the lines to adjust the collimation screw opposite the line.  As you adjust the screw the line will move toward the center.  The goal is to form a perfect Y where the lines touch in the center.  

**For Hyperstar versions, the center hole accommodates the Hyperstar, and will not go around cameras that are wider than the Hyperstar body. In such cases the camera must be removed for installation and removal of the mask.