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Desiccant Caps

These simple Desiccant Caps will keep your scope dry while stored.  

Available in the following formats:
-2" and 1.25" inserts  - 40mm or 100mm barrel length                                 
-SCT (2"x24tpi) (1.25" barrel) - 40mm or 80mm barrel length 
-Large SCT (3.25"-Meade or 3.28"-Celestron) (1.25" barrel) - 40mm or 80mm length
-Feather Touch® 2.5/3.0/3.2/3.5 focusers (2" barrel) - 40mm or 100mm length
-Available upon request - threaded M/F (M42, M48, M54, M63, M68, M72, M92, ETC.

All desiccant caps come with rechargeable desiccant packs that can easily be recharged in the microwave and a vinyl cap when not in use. The 2" and 1.25" insert caps also come with an O-ring to to help seal any gaps between the cap and focuser.

If you don't see the size you need, please contact me and I'll be happy to design something that meets your needs.

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2" barrel - 8 available now
1.25" barrel - 6 available now

2" and 1.25" Insert Desiccant Caps

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Feather Touch® Focuser Desiccant Caps

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SCT Desiccant Caps

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To recharge the desiccant packs:
-Place all the desiccant packs in the microwave
-Using DEFROST ONLY, microwave for 2 minutes
-Repeat 3-4 times until the desiccant turns from green to orange
NOTE:  The green desiccant will first turn purple, then orange when drying is complete.  After many recharges the color indicating beads may remain purple, but the desiccant is still effective.

*Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.