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Bahtinov Masks

A Bahtinov mask is used to find critical focus for just about any telescope.  

I will custom design a mask to fit your needs and which is tailored to the scope's focal length.  Currently available models are listed below.   Masks 6" and smaller are a one piece design.  Masks greater than 6" are a sturdy two or four piece snap fit design. 

Please note that I recommend my TriBahtinov Masks for SCTs, RCs, CCs, Newts or other compound scopes which adds the ability to collimate as well as focus.  

If you don't see your scope listed below I will be happy to design a mask to meet your needs.


Priority shipping available also. International shipping calculated at checkout. Please see the shipping tab for more info.

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.

Bahtinov-APStowaway - $23
Astro-Physics 92mm Stowaway
Bahtinov-Redcat51 - $18
William Optics Redcat 51
Bahtinov-AP130GTX - #23
Astro-Physics 130GTX
Bahtinov-Redcat71 - $18
William Optics Redcat 71
Bahtinov-AskarFRA500 - $23
Askar FRA500
Bahtinov-Rokinon135 - $18
Rokinon 135mm lens (93mm dew shield)
Askar ACL200
Sharpstar 61EDPHIII
Bahtinov-Esprit80ED - $18
Skywatcher Esprit 80ED
Bahtinov-Sharp76 - $18
Sharpstar 76EDPH
Bahtinov-Esprit100ED - $23
Skywatcher Esprit 100ED
Bahtinov-SV80ST - $18
Stellarvue SV80ST (102mm dew shield)
Bahtinov-FSQ106N - $23
Takahashi FSQ-106N
Bahtinov-SVX102T - $23
Stellarvue SVX102T
Bahtinov-MeadeETX90 - $20
Meade ETX 90
Skywatcher 72ED
Bahtinov-OXT10g - $35
Orion SkyQuest XT10g 10" Dob
Bahtinov-SW100ED - $23
Skywatcher 100ED
Bahtinov-Radian61 - $18
Radian Raptor 61mm
Bahtinov-TMB130Class - $23
TMB 130mm F6 "Classic"
Bahtinov-ES127FCD100 - $23
Explore Scientific 127mm FCD100
Bahtinov-TVNP101is - $23
TeleVue NP101is
Bahtinov-BressMN152 - $23 
Bresser Messier Mak Newt 152
Bahtinov-AT72EDII - $18
Astro-Tech AT72EDII
Bahtinov-Svb-SV305-70 - $18
Svbony SV305 70mm f6
Bahtinov-AT102EDL - $23
Astro-Tech AT102EDL
Bahtinov-TEC160FL - $24
Bahtinov-AT125EDL - $23
Astro-Tech AT125EDL
Bahtinov-Seestar - $13
Seestar Front Aperture
*see Seestar product page