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Accompanying the main object in this image (NGC7023) are numerous dusty objects, including vdB141 on the left and LBN483 on the right.  

Acquisition Details

CFF135/ASI6200MM :
LUM = 47x10min
RGB = 11x10min each

CFF105/ASI2600MM :
RGB = 22x10min each

Total = 24hrs 20min


SVA130T F7/G3-16200M SV80ST F6/ QHY163M/ASI183M Optolong LRGB
Astrodon RGB AP1100GTO

This image is a combination of different data sets from three cameras and two telescopes.    The total integration time is 30hrs.


APM/TMB115 @ f/7 Atik 383L+  Atik EFW2/OAG  Baader LRGB/Ha,OIII,SII Losmandy G11 L=33x10min  R=13x10min  G=18x10min  B=16x10min

Total =13hrs 20min

Sub-exposures registered, calibrated and stacked in DeepSkyStacker Final processing in PS3: Levels/curves stretching, reduce noise filter, smartsharpen filter, high pass filter, selective color adjustments Carboni Actions: Make stars smaller, horizontal banding noise reduction, vertical banding noise reduction