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The Cone and Christmas Tree

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NGC2264 is the designation of two objects, the Cone Nebula and the Christmas Tree star cluster.  The cone is on the bottom, and the bright star just above the cone is the top of the Christmas Tree.  The bright star just above center is the "trunk" of the tree.

Acquisition Details

LUM = 22x10min
RGB = 15x10min each
Ha = 12x10min

RGB = 21x10min each
Ha = 10x10min

Total = 25hrs 20min


Pentax/Asahi 300mm f/4 lens
Starlight Trius SX694  Atik EFW2
Astrodon Ha,OIII,SII filters Losmandy G11-Gemini 2

SII=7x20min + 4x15min Ha=14x15min OIII=10x20min  
Total = 11hrs 20min  

This is the first image taken with a 300mm f/4 lens working at f/5.6 Calibration, stacking and noise reduction in Pixinsight. Final processing in Photoshop.